MD Coats, Inc - About Us


Founded in 2013, MD Coats, Inc is a specialty consulting, solution design, online production, and small batch manufacturing company lead and managed by the organization's namesake founder.


With over a dozen years of education technology consulting experience on the team, it's no wonder more and more organizations are turning to our team to help them achieve their goals within highly limited budgets. We specialize in technology reviews and reporting on readiness, effectiveness, and value of the technology being considered or that has already been deployed. If you’re a school administrator, parent, or teacher who would like to know more about how we can help you learn and grow your technology prowess, please contact us today.


Our team also has a vast array of experience in custom video security and surveillance deployments. We have helped homeowners and businesses alike saturate their environments with high resolution video products and security implements creating invaluable records of activity and offering peace of mind through our remote access program. We are also currently underway in the design and development of a new series of ultra high resolution video products we expect to release in mid-2015 under the MD Coats Brand™ of products.


The company is also the operator of several production companies that specialize in high resolution video content development and distribution.

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